10 at College Bachelor's Degree

08 / iunie

The Untold organizers continue the tradition with the free access at the festival for those who took 10 at the college bachelor's degree.  Given that 2017 brought a new festival to the UNTOLD family, they decided that those people deserve free access also to NEVERSEA; and they will receive a voucher from Kaufland Romania worth 500lei.


In addition, all those who have enrolled at the college bachelor's degree in the summer session will be able to purchase tickets with discount:

• UNTOLD 4DayPass Ticket with discount of 150ron + fee from the final price of 550ron + fee

• NEVERSEA 3DayPass Ticket with discount of 195ron + fee from the final price of 420ron + fee


All graduates wishing to participate in the campaign have to access the link http://untold.com/bacde10 and fill in the form with the valid email address (here each graduate will receive the subscriptions purchased).


In the last year's campaign, 65 graduates who passed the college bachelor's degreewith 10 received a 4day pass ticket at UNTOLD. More than 3500 people have received a 4day pass ticket with discount.

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