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General Access Basic - Neversea 2022 - 4-Day Pass

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737,00 RON

Escape on an island filled with love, happiness and freedom! Neversea is the festival of white nights at the Black Seashore. A 4-day adventure happening on 7-10 July 2022 on the Neversea Beach in Constanta, Romania.

The purchased tickets can't be returned.

You can do your online check-in for free within 30 days after the purchase. Afterward, you will be charged 15 euro.

For check-in at the festival, you will be charged 25 euro.

There has never been a dreamer on the Island of Neversea who hasn’t fall madly in love with this enchanted place! 

Neversea is the ideal set-up for those in search of love, thirsty for exploring the world while discovering themselves. It’s like going on THAT holiday you’ve been looking forward to an entire year. And once you’ve experienced that journey, you’ll want to make it your annual thing. 

Each year we combine memorable music performances with entertainment, lifestyle, fashion & technology, then we sprinkle everything with a dash of seaside adventure. 

Find out more on www.neversea.com


By purchasing the tickets, the buyer is bound to follow the official rules of the event, the ticket registration process, the check-in procedures (online/at the event) and access rules. Purchasing tickets/wristbands/invitations from providers, other than those authorised by the organizer is forbidden and will lead to restricted access.