Lost Frequencies & Netsky

29 / august

Lost Frequencies together with Netsky, have recently added a song to our playlists, "Here With You". With the album "Less Is More", Lost Frequencies shows us his ability to reinvent and come into the market with something totally different.
With the "Are You With Me" and "Reality" singles, Lost Frequenciese has won countless awards in a lot of countries, and managed to top the top. Since then, he has released singles such as "Life Beautiful," "What Is Love 2016" and "All Or Nothing," all of which have been a tribute to Belgian DJs / producers for making super-popular recordings.
Netsky, in turn, saw his great success in 2008. He has led a wave of new-school Drum & Bass talent from Europe and became a celebrity in his own country, receiving numerous awards, continuing to inspire his audience with his productions. 

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